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This is a hobby I picked and can't seem to put it down.  I enjoy building WWII error Crystal sets to listen to AM Broadcasts.  I have also build several IC AM and Transistor FM Radios.  Please feel free to check them out.   Included are some helpful links and some of the radios I have built.  Also, Check out my software link and radio links.
Spider one
Spider two
RSS FM radio
MK 484 loopstick
AM loop antenna
Multi Tap
Yellow stick
Iraq Junk
Loose Desert Spider
Loop Stick Radio
Spider three
AC-100 1 Tube
5678 Breadbox
Push Pull Set
MPF 102
Mystery Set
2 Stage Amp.

Program Version: Both these programs will give you the inductance and relative frequency with a given Capacitance.  I modeled my programs to do
the same thing as Dan Petersens Professor Coyle
Windows:  This version uses a setup file and installs
on Windows 2000 and Windows XP (Vista not tested)
Screen Shot

Java for Mac and Windows:  This version will run on both Mac and
Windows and requires no installation.  All you need to do is double click
the .jar file and your off.  You will need the JRE (Java Runtime Environment)
installed from Sun if you do not have it.
Screen Shot
Download  Find the Crystal.jar file in the folder that you downloaded and double click it.

Links       A great place for information, parts, kits and books.        Ken Harthan does a fantastic job on this Short Wave Mystery Crystal Set!    A good place for schematics and part lists.    This site has 5 different and easy crystal radios to build.    This site at the time has 174 different articles and radios to build!   I used this link to build my RSS FM receiver.   I love this site. I get a lot of my parts here and have built a few MK 484 transister AM radios off this link.       Here you can find great pre packaged radios that only need assembly.    If you are confused about frequency bands this is the place to go.    Dave Schmarder is one of the most experienced radio builder today.  A must see website!    Here you type the AM radio station call sign and it will tell you where it is.   Another great place for parts and Ideas.   The best tutorial site out there!    This guy built an FM crystal set!    If your interested in older tube radio construction then go here.    A great place to get parts and especially older knobs.  You have to see these amazing radios!  The best site out there for AM loop antennas.    Another terrific site for information, kits and parts.