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Iraq Junk.

 While Deployed to Iraq I decided to build another Radio.  As opposed to the usual MW AM band I decided to build a SW Radio that would tune from about 3MHz to 17MHz.  This radio was literally built from junk I gathered over a two week period while I was there.  The only parts I brought that were used are one diode and the fahnstock clips.  The PVC pipe was left over from a shower trailer repair done by the Navy C.B.'s.  The Plexi-glas was acquired after a guard shack was built that checks I.D.'s at a control point.  The wire was pulled from a few blown transformers to wrap the coils and the homemade capacitor was also built from parts that were found in the transformers case.  Notice that several of the fins are pulled back and to the right out of the way so they do not mesh?  This was a unique design I thought of while making it.  The whole piece slides in and out to increase and decrease the capacitance.  If you add fins, you change the overall max. and min. capacitance.  This way you can use the same design for a trimmer, ATU, Main tank or what ever you need.  I actually documented what each fin will give you as a reference in case I decide to build a few more for other projects.  Instead of boring you with schematics and building instructions, here is the link I used to help me out.  It's basically a mystery set with a coupled antenna tuning coil.  I do have to mention one thing that the author of this radio also suggests.  Experimenting is crucial!  There are about 12 different ways to hook up the antenna, ground and coils.  That's the beauty of this set, it's so versatile you can have fun with it for as long as you want.