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Two Stage 2048 Transistor Amplifier.

  Transistors you might ask?  Isn't this a site on crystal radios?  Well it is.  But have you ever wished your crystal had just a little more volume?  Or wondered how many more stations you could bring in?  If so then this is the project for you.  I got the schematic from none other than Mike Peebles.  It's actually part of a complete radio project called the 1956 tranny.  All I did was take the amplification portion and applied it to my own radio.  On the schematic below,  You will see the coil and tuning capacitor in this project.  If you wanted to use just the amplifier, you would simply separate the transistor portion for your crystal set, hook up a 3v battery and then you could use it on any project radio you wanted.  Kind of like I did!  I used standard 1/4 female headphone plugs but you could use any type of input and output connectors you wanted to suit your needs.  If you have any questions please email me and remember, Mike Peebles has all the parts necessary to construct this kit.