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Loop Stick Box

Here is another project I did while in Iraq.  After reading Dan Petersens "Venerable Loopstick" Xtal Society March, 2002 article, I decided to give one a go.  Following his instructions were quite simple and it produced a variable loopstick that performed awsome.  My next step was to do something with it.  I had this project box kicking around and decided to mount it on top.  I got really lucky with the size because it *just* barely fit without it poking out the top too far.  The loopstick was coated with a home made Q Dope.  I found some paint thinner and disolved two styrophone cups in it to make a nice clear pasty mix.  What a nice coat and if you haven't ever tried this I highly recomend you give it a shot.  The loopstick's Inductance varied from 60uH to 330uH.  After toying around with different capacitors I decided to go with two separate ones so I could tune the whole band.  See schematic below.  From the top picture you will see that there are no *real switches* just shorting tabs I fabricated.  One is for the tuning and the other is for the trimmer.  These loopsticks have been around for a long time and are a fantastic product of amazing properties of ferrite.  If you have any questions about this radio please email me.