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Yellow Stick Radio

This Radio was the funnest to build yet.  I found these yellow 48" fiberglass rods at Home Depot for just a few dollars.  Their width was 5/16" and I used them for the horizontal form as you can see.  The diameter of the form is exactly 2" and it is 4 inches long.  I used a gold colored 24 AWG enameled wire for the tuning circuit and green 30 AWG for the antenna and ground.  The capacitor is your standard 14 ~ 400 pF and I went all out for a Schottkys Bat-46 Diode.  The black piece you see is just a piece of Lexan spray painted with high gloss enamel.  It's hard to see but in the back there are 4 wing nuts.  I left these easily accessible to make quick changes to the circuit if need be.  Its tuning is very, very sharp I just wish the volume was a little louder.  
What you see here is right off my bench.  Some modifications I plan on making are; moving all wires under the base, adding a tap capability to the diode to hit the coil in different places.

Look Here for the DX contact I made with it the first night.