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PO - AC-100 1 Tube Regenerative Set.

PO?  What is the PO you ask.  Well I'll tell you... Peebles Original!  If not for Mike's schematic, parts and guidance this radio would of never been created.  I started with an experimental set of coils.  I built a baseboard with 11 nails strategically placed in a perfect circle.  Then another circle just inside of that one.  That will give you what is called a basket weave.  I used what is called a 1 over and 2 under.  There are several different ways to wind a basket but my favorite is what I used.  The  main coil measured exactly 232 uH and the tickler coil measured somewhere around 40 or 50 uH.  If you want exact measurements of my base please email me and I can send them or update this page.  Next was tackling all those components.  I opted to put them all on a breadboard except for C6, that needs to be as close to the tube base as possible.   I fabricated a dowel slider system for the coils.  Once they are set they usually do not need to be adjusted again.  This is for different antennas or for some reason coupling needs to be changed between the two coils.  As a general rule, 1/8th to 1/4 inch should do the trick.  The base is made of solid oak with a mild taper around the ends to dress it up a bit.  The black material is lexan that is painted black.  The trick here is once you have it painted, TURN IT OVER.  This gives it a nice glossy appearance and allows you to work on it without scratching it.  One variation to the schematic is the trimmer capacitor.  I opted for a variable but I'll tell you at just about 40 pF is where your best reception comes in.  The B battery is a quite different isn't it?  Even you old timers have probably not seen one of these before.  Well, it's called a BA-5557 and is Military use only.  How did I get one?  Easy, I'm a commo guy in the Military.  These batteries give off somewhere around 2.5 Amp hours.  Bottom line, these lithiums got some umph behind them.  There are two (2) 12~14v cells in the battery.  They can be either wired in parallel for extra amperage or in series for extra voltage.  I opted for the the 28v to power the 3Q4.  The last piece I want to mention is the front panel.  Don't laugh but I bought a cutting board at LOWES.  It's perfect and cheap.