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3Q4 1 tube Short Wave Receiver

This radio is unique in the fact that it was modeled off Mike Peebles AC-100 1 tube regen. but this one is for Short Wave. It's capable of receiving both the 40 and 80 meter bands and performs excellent!  Some of the modifications that had to be done were the main tuning coil, the main tuning capacitor, and the trimmer capacitor.  The plug in coil you see is from Peebles Originals and can be swapped out with different inductances to get different bands.  The Main tuning capacitor had to be dropped from the standard BCB 365pF to a 140pF.  The fine tuning capacitor is nothing more than a 15pF capacitor run in parallel to the main tuning capacitor.  The tube is a 3Q4 and can run on anything from 18v to 45v.  I opted to run it of 3 9v batteries and it works great at that range.  The filament is wired to run off 1.5 v but can be wired to run off 3v if desired.  I used 6:1 vernier drives on both tuning capacitors and the regen. control.  All in all this was well worth the time and effort that was put into it.  I built this specifically for a nice gentleman named Ernie, but after finishing it I definitely will be building one for myself!
schematic courtesy of Mike Peebles.